Technical Reproductions, Inc. (TR) was established in 1971, by William “Bill” Boczer and his wife, Patricia as a one room print shop on Main Avenue in Norwalk, Connecticut. After quickly attracting a loyal customer base and building its cliental by establishing a reputation for quality, TR grew out of their small space and moved just down the street to where you can find them today at 326 Main Ave. Norwalk, CT.

For over 40 years TR has served the local Fairfield county community. Bill Boczer enlisted in the United States Navy when we was 18 years old and during his time at the base in Groton, CT, he started a number of small businesses such as a pizza delivery service to others in the navy. Also during his time at the Groton Naval Base, Bill not only learned the skills required to run a printing press, but the know how to start a business and generate the necessary buzz built on quality that would get people’s attention. “I wanted to build a company that would serve the needs of other local businesses and be a place they had the confidence in to handle their biggest projects.”

TR has always been the first in the area to bring in the newest and best equipment; having the second best or being second to the market is not what TR is about. While staying on top of advances in technology has always been a focus for TR, their reputation is built on much more. “Our customers may have come to us first because of the machines and services we offer, but they keep coming back because of the quality of work we provide and the attention to our customers’ needs.

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